Mar 31

There are a few open PHR systems that will allow third party to integrate with them. One is Google Health PHR which will open up their API soon. The other is an open source project called Indivo which anyone can use and allow import and export from any third party systems that will create an interface to it. The third one is Microsoft Health Vault which also allow third party to connect to it. I am trying to figure out which system is better to integrate with. So far the only system that I can take a look under the hood is Indivo. I wish Google and Microsoft will open up their API soon. Whoever can get the most doctors integrated with their system will win. There are a lot of other opportunities to provide add on services on the top the PHR system. For players who doesn’t want to fight a battle with Google or Microsoft. They should concentrate on the add-ons instead.

Mar 21

One of my colleague recently gave me a book called Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder David Weinberger. This book helps to open up my mind about how the new world order (disorder) of digital information should be and will be. The book’s idea applies really well to my current job which is struggling on designing a better way to service treatments information to users. I highly recommended this book. The basic idea is that our old way of depending on expert to classify information is restrictive, bad, not helpful to user. It restrict knowledge. The new way is let user organize it however they see it. Have infinite ways to organize information and knowledge is unbound. Very cool idea.