May 26

I just tried to upgrade to rails 2.0. Got some error when starting the server. Google it and then find out I might need to upgrade to a new version of rubygems. No problem, do an “sudo gem update –system”. Then run gem command. Shit! Got this error: uninitialized constant Gem::GemRunner. Now, I can’t even do gem install or uninstall. Now what? How can I go back to previous version of rubygems? More Googing. After another hour, find a post can fix the problem by adding this line require 'rubygems/gem_runner' to /usr/bin/gem. After that, gem is finally working. Run script/server again. Another problem: can load openssl. Google more. Find out need to install the libopenssl-ruby. Did that and finally everything worked. Time well spent? No!!! I am getting too old to waste time on doing upgrade.

May 15

Just downloaded JavaFX and played with the demo.  I am sorry to say that by looking at the codes of the demo, it seems too complicated to do some simple thing.   How come Sun doesn’t learn from some of the mistakes in Java? First, why create  a new scripting language, why not just use Ruby, Python or any existing scripting language.  If you are going to create something new, make it simple and take advantage of scripting language feature like dynamic typing. Why still does static typing?   Crazy!!!