Aug 28

I am using Godaddy sharing account running ruby on rails. The problem of running ruby on rails on Godaddy shared hosting account is that Godaddy is still running rails 1.1.6 and there are not many gems that Godaddy has it installed. So if you want to use twitter4r, you can’t really do it because Godaddy will not install it for you. So what I did to get it running is to do the following:

  1. unpack twitter4r in the vendor/plugins directory and create an init.rb file with one line require 'twitter'.
  2. But that is not enough, you will have to also unpack json_pure gem in the vendor/plugins and create an init.rb with one line require 'json/pure' . The reason is that twitter4r depends on json but Godaddy doesn’t have json gem.
  3. Finally, you need to make sure you config twitter4r to use proxy server because twitter4r needs to communicate with twitter through https. here is the code to config that: Twitter::Client.configure do |conf|
    conf.proxy_host = ''
    conf.proxy_port = '3128'
Aug 19

Looking at the Olympic medal count, it reflects the new world order.  US is no longer the super power if sport is an indication.  Even sports were used to be dominated by US such as tracks and boxing, US is no longer the powerhouse that it once was.  Yes, we can say we still have the highest medal count but if you look closely.  It is China that has the most gold modals (almost double of what US got so far).  US is getting weaker and weaker.   It is time for change.  The country has gone wrong in so many way because of our government’s bad policy.  It is time for a big and real change.  Vote for change.

Aug 14

Here are the three pillars of a modern society:  Energy, health and education.  We need to have sustainable renewable energy so that all of our modern industries and life can depend on.   Health and education is the basis of human capital.  We need to a healthy population and a health care system that can provide health care to all citizens.  We need to have the best education system that will continue educate his citizens throughout their life.  That means it doesn’t end at college.  If we have these three strong pillars, we can build a sustainable modern society.  That should be our priority.  Nothing else.