Sep 24

I upgraded Ubuntu to 8.04 LTS on one of my laptops (it is a Dell).  After the upgrade, the mouse just started acting like crazy and moved on its own like it has been controlled by a ghost.  I Google and see if I can find any solution to this problem and there is not one that solved my problem.  So I click on Preference and click on mouse to change the configuration of the accelaration and sensitivity settings by changing them to almost zero.  Then the problem is solved.

Sep 18

The tainted baby formula in China to make us to rethink free trade.    Free trade without proper safety and environment enforcement is going to be disaster.  Food and drugs has import inspection program but it is not well fund and it simply can’t inspect all the product.  In fact, so if there are issue in imported food, we will not find out before we consume it.  We will find out after massive amount of people get sick.

Sep 11

Wiki Nazi is a term that I created for people who spent all of their time on editing wiki and think they own wiki. They are the people who think they have the authority to determine if an external link is spam or not and delete it even generally  external links don’t do any good for SEO and it is related to the topic. When you don’t agree with them, they say you are rude and you try to spam. You know who they are. Call them Wiki Nazi.