Dec 27

I just read this article from NY times.  It talks about how we as a nation has fallen behind so much. We are all GM.  It is so true.  We should admit that we are in crisis, not just financial crisis but a intellectual and behavioral crisis.   We wasted so much energy and investments on the wrong priority.  It is time to change our priority and invest in the right priority.  We all need to rethink and reinvent ourselves.

Dec 3

I had several interviews with in the past.  The first set of two years ago and I got all the way to the face to face interview.  I didn’t get the job but was impressed by the interview process.  They asked a lot of tough questions.  It is good to go through the process because it helps you to prepare almost any kind of interview in the future.  Today, I had a phone interview with them again.  I already got a job but I like to go though it to practice my interview skills.  I don’t think I did as well as I did last time.  I missed a couple questions.  I think being a manager last two years are making me less technical.  Anyway,  here are a list of questions Amazon guy asked me on the phone:

  1. How to you make sure a link list doesn’t have a cycle?
  2. Data structure question:  Hashtable, array and tree.
  3. Architecture:  what are the three tiers?  Answer: Presentation, Application and persistent.  How to implement a service oriented architect. Scaling, etc….

Again, it was fun to practice interview with Amazon.  I am probably not qualified for the job.