Jan 30

I have to say.  JRuby on Rails is very cool.  It is so easy now to deploy to Tomcat and JBoss.   I tried and did it on both server and it ran like a champ.  Here is the steps (Mac OS X):’

  1. sudo port install jruby
  2.  sudo chmod a+w /opt/local/share/java/jruby/lib/ruby/gems/ and all the directory underneath it
  3.  sudo chmod a+w /opt/local/share/java/jruby/bin
  4.  jruby -S gem install rails mongrel jdbc-mysql activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter activerecord-jdbc-adapter jruby-openssl warbler –no-rdoc –no-ri
  5. sudo port tomcat5  (or you can install jboss.  Just download and unpack it to a directory)
  6. jruby -S rails your_rails_project
  7. cd your_rails_project
  8. generate a simple model: jruby script/generate scaffold car model:string
  9. create a development database:my_own_development in mysql
  10. change config/database.yml:
  11. development:
    adapter: jdbcmysql
    database: my_own_devevelopment
    pool: 5
    timeout: 5000
    host: localhost
    username: root
  12. jruby rake db:migrate
  13.  jruby -S warble config
  14. change config/warble.rb file:
  15.        make sure:  config.gems += ["activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter", "jruby-openssl","activerecord-jdbc-adapter","jdbc-mysql"]  #include all the gems you need
  16.        make sure: config.webxml.rails.env = ENV['RAILS_ENV'] || ‘production’ # point to the environment you want.  By default it is production
  17. make sure you are on your rails project’s root directory
  18. jruby -S warble war
  19. that will create war file like your_rails_project.war
  20. cp your_rails_project.war to your tomcat_home/webapps directory or your jboss_home/server/default/deploy directory
  21. start tomcat or start jboss
  22. go  http://localhost:8080/your_rails_project/ to check if your project has deployed.  To see the scaffold car go http://localhost:8080/your_rails_project/cars
Jan 26

Google usually changes their logo for special days like new year, mother’s day, etc.  Today, Google missed Chinese new year.  Yahoo didn’t miss it.  Google did.  One for yahoo.  Zero for Google.  That makes me wondering.  Is Google anti-Chinese?

Jan 7

My time at this recent startup company will soon over.  We had the best people with lot of money and trying to change the health care industry using latest web 2.0 technologies and features.  However, we always been lacking is a clear vision and business model.  After close to 200 millions and many layoff later, the company is sold to another one for probably 25 cents on the dollars with the hope that the combined company will have a better future.  The final business model coming down to CPM (ads model). The company is no longer a health company but a content company.   So in the end, it is about money.  If you don’t have a business model to make money, you won’t last no matter how many smart people you have and how much money you have.  I never regret that I worked for this company.  In the end, I have learned a lot.  The journey was wonderful no matter what the destination is.