May 16

Finding nursing homes for your elderly can be difficult.  There are not many good site out there that is easy to find by simply typing in an address.  So I decide to create one using Medicare’s free data.  It is call US Nursing Home Finder .   I think it is the best site to find a nursing  home in US.

May 13

I need to find if there are some duplicate class in the a list of jar files.  Here is what I did:

Go to the directory contains the jar files, can run this command:

find . -name “*.jar” -exec jar -tvf {} \; > list.out 2>&1

Then run:

cat list.out | grep Somepattern

May 4

I got this error when deploy and redeploy a service: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Endpoints already been registered or something like that.  Google it without much luck.  I will have to go to server/default/work directory and remove the jbossws folder and also the particular web service folder and then restart jboss.  Then the problem will go away.  JBoss sucks!