Jun 18

Add these two sites through help->software updates

Name :RDT
URL : http://updatesite.rubypeople.org/release
Name :RadRails
URL : http://radrails.sourceforge.net/update

Jun 10

I am learning scala and erlang the same time to get an idea of FP.  So far, I like Erlang better in term of syntax.  Scala is good but its syntax is just getting too complicated.  It is trying to replace java but the its syntax is no simpler than java.  I think if Scala is not static type, the syntax would be simpler.

Jun 8

I am starting to learn Scala. This will be my first step to Functional programming world (even though Scala is not a pure functional programming language, it supports OO too).  I highly recommended this article for anyone who wants to take the first step: http://www.artima.com/scalazine/articles/steps.html .

Jun 8

As if the great firewall of China is not enough, they want to put a Dam on its people’s computers to reduce the flood of  porn (so they say). The software is called “Green Dam-Youth Escort”.  However, I really don’t think Chinese Communist/Capitalist government really cares about blocking porn.  They require every new computer to install this software because they want to block other political websites and control the information flow.   China wants to have its cake and eat it too.  It likes to get the benefit of modern technologies and internet but also want to control information flow.   I think they are fighting a losing battle.  Sooner or later, they will lose.

Jun 4

Eclipse is a great tool but like any great tool with long history.  I think Eclipse is getting bloated.  It is so easy to break by just doing a simple upgrade.