Jul 30

Yes, it is true.  I have tried it on many times and look at them side by side.  I will say Bing is as good if not better than Google.  Google now finally have a competitor.  Yahoo makes the right decision to use Bing.

Jul 23

This is ofcourse a rhetorical question.  I know we can’t write law like we write software because the political process will never be able to do that.  But think for a moment for the why shouldn’t we?  Law likes software is a set of rule governing a system.  Although law is not exact instruction like software but it acts almost like  software requirements or system specifications.  We don’t expect to write a perfect requirements and system specificatons right the first time we try.  That is why software development has become an iterative and agile process.  A good software development process will require small iteration, constant refinement, constant feedback.  Law should use the same kind of process.  Instead of trying to get it perfect the first time. Why can’t we just keep iterating?

Jul 21

The winner is Palm Pre SDK.  Why?  Palm picks a good architecture using javascript, html and css as its core technologies.  There is little learning curve. Unlike iphone which you need to learn Objective-C, xcode, Cocoa, etc.   It also follows convention over configuration (similar to rails).  Using Eclipse as IDE is also a good choice.  Using VirtualBox as the base of the Emulator is a very smart engineering choice.  I like people who don’t reinventing the wheel.  Setting up is esay and so is getting the helloworld app up.   Good job Palm.  I think you will have a good future in competing with Apple.

Jul 20

I just installed the Palm Pre SDK which includes the emulator.  I also installed the eclipse plug-in.  I have to say.  It is so far so good.  Palm has  a good website to guide you through: http://developer.palm.com/index.php .  I am going to play more and see how easy it is to develop an application.

Jul 17

I am reading Erlang programming by Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson.  The book show you how to start up a debugger. by typing debugger:start(). in the erlang shell.  However, that is not enough.  The book implies that you will see the modules automatically.  Not true.  You will have to type ii(YourModule). in the erlang shell to load it up in the debugger window.  After that, you can have call iaa([init]).  Then you can run your module’s function in the erlang shell.  So here is an example:

13> debugger:start().
14> ii(test2).
15> iaa([init]).
16> test2:fac(3).