Jul 23

This is ofcourse a rhetorical question.  I know we can’t write law like we write software because the political process will never be able to do that.  But think for a moment for the why shouldn’t we?  Law likes software is a set of rule governing a system.  Although law is not exact instruction like software but it acts almost like  software requirements or system specifications.  We don’t expect to write a perfect requirements and system specificatons right the first time we try.  That is why software development has become an iterative and agile process.  A good software development process will require small iteration, constant refinement, constant feedback.  Law should use the same kind of process.  Instead of trying to get it perfect the first time. Why can’t we just keep iterating?

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  1. Kerenoc Says:

    In his Mathemagical Themas book, D Hofstadter had a chapter on a game based on establishing and modifying a law system (Momic?) which the conclusion, if I remember well, that consistency can’t be maintained. Much like what happen in large scale software systems.