Jul 30

Yes, it is true.  I have tried it on many times and look at them side by side.  I will say Bing is as good if not better than Google.  Google now finally have a competitor.  Yahoo makes the right decision to use Bing.

Jan 7

My time at this recent startup company will soon over.  We had the best people with lot of money and trying to change the health care industry using latest web 2.0 technologies and features.  However, we always been lacking is a clear vision and business model.  After close to 200 millions and many layoff later, the company is sold to another one for probably 25 cents on the dollars with the hope that the combined company will have a better future.  The final business model coming down to CPM (ads model). The company is no longer a health company but a content company.   So in the end, it is about money.  If you don’t have a business model to make money, you won’t last no matter how many smart people you have and how much money you have.  I never regret that I worked for this company.  In the end, I have learned a lot.  The journey was wonderful no matter what the destination is.

Dec 27

I just read this article http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/24/opinion/24friedman.html?_r=1 from NY times.  It talks about how we as a nation has fallen behind so much. We are all GM.  It is so true.  We should admit that we are in crisis, not just financial crisis but a intellectual and behavioral crisis.   We wasted so much energy and investments on the wrong priority.  It is time to change our priority and invest in the right priority.  We all need to rethink and reinvent ourselves.

Nov 10

Yeah, it is going to painful to a lot of workers and our pride.  But both the unions and executives are to be blamed for not make the right choices and sacrifice earlier to save the industry.  So let if fail and then other people to rebuild the industry from ground up.  Meanwhile, use the bail out money to paid for unemployment and retraining for US autoworkers.

Jul 11

No software can last forever. My first commercial rails app (revolution health’s symptom checker) has been retired. The reason for the retirement is that we want to replace one that doesn’t require paying license fee for the backend and data. The original one used rails as front end and talked to a Cold Fusion backend app (which we licensed through Mayo Clinic) through web service. Just 3 days before we retired the old app, the old symptom checker get mentioned in Rachael Ray (the TV show). Yes, very ironic. It reached its highest moment and then it died. But better die at the top then live at the bottom. Here is the segment:

Jul 8

My sister-in-law works for one of the big old companies.  She told me the bureaucracy and weird policy in her company.  She has to take a safe driving course (every employee have to do that) once a year because the company are afraid of lawsuit in the even if an employee get into an accident during traveling for company business.  The also installed a software called Workpace which force the user to take a break every 5 minutes.  I didn’t make this up.    The reason is that there was a lawsuit from an employee complaining about repetitive motions (I ask using a mouse or typing) causing his/her injure.   The big oil companies have too much money that they are targeted for many lawsuits.  They can’t move or change because of bureaucracy and the fear of being sued.   The only reason that they are still here is that we haven’t changed.  We still depend very much on oil.  Once that is changed.  All the big oil companies will go under.  They won’t change to an energy company which can use other energy resources beside oil.  No, they will die because they are dinosaur.  I don’t know when this will happen but I think it is going to happen within a couple of decades.

Jul 3

I was able to get Groovy installed on my Mac installed, up and running in no time. I can now start playing with it. It is pretty simple, just download, uppack and change two environment variables and you are good to go. The only thing about Groovy is that there aren’t many good examples or tutorial yet so show case the language. I will spend more time to play with it and see if I like it. I will also spend some time check out Grails also.

Jun 26

There is an article yesterday that Microsoft, Google and some other major players have agreed on EHR standard. The standard is drafted by Markle foundation’s connect for health. The standard document is here. This could be very interesting. It covers a variety of principle and guidelines on Consumer Policy and Consumer Technology. I am going to spend sometimes to read through the documents. I am sure that I will be falling into sleep but I need to read them to build a better PHR.

Jun 24

I ran into this website called: LimeExchange which allows company or individual to post projects and other companies or individual to bid to work on them. The idea is not new. It just add some web2.0 and social networking community features on top of it. The only thing bother me so far is that there are way more workers than employers. I only see a few projects under software development and there are over hundreds of developers registered with the sites. Another funny thing is that most of the developers are from India and the projects are also from India too.

Jun 11

Layoff is part of business cycle that everyone of us have to deal with. For upper management who decided the layoff, the key is to make sure you do it quick and deep enough so that you don’t have to do a second, third, fourth round in next few months. For the middle managers who didn’t get laid off, the key is to be nice to the employees who get laid off and give them whatever support they have. For employee who get laid off, the key is to realize that it is not you, it is business. A business that couldn’t afford to have you anymore. You should take this as an opportunity to move on to better or greater thing. Remember the only constant in life is change.

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